Tell me more about yourself!

Time: March 17th, 2013

Location: 82 Ho Tung Mau – Cau Giay – Hanoi

Topic: Tell me me about yourself!


1.      Warm up  : Students gonna play games f fun and recharging energy

Name of games:

-  Jeopardy

In this game, which is based on the famous gameshow Jeopardy, everyone writes down ten answers to questions about themselves. After writing down the answers, people have to fm pairs small groups and try to find out what the questions are.
Example: (answer = purple) “What is your favite colour?” “Blue.” “What colour do you hate?” “Green.” “What colour is your underwear?” “Purple!” You can stop at three guesses if you want, keep going until someone in the club can guess the question.

- Hot seat :

In this game, the club is split up into two teams. One member from each team sits facing the group. The leader holds up a wd ( writes it on the board if you are in a classroom) f all of the team members to see except f the two players in the hot seats. The teams must try to get the person in the hot seat to guess the wd phrase. The first person to guess crectly gets to stand up and a new member from their team takes the hot seat. The person on the other team has to remain in the hot seat until she gets an answer first. You can keep sce just play f fun. This game can also be played in pairs. One pair member closes their eyes while the leader shows the wd to the other pair members. The first pair to get the wd right gets a point. Warning! This is a loud game because people tend to get excited and yell!

2. Tell me me about yourself: Students practice talking about themselves and asking about other people with simple structure (learning through model clip + suppting material on the screen)

3. Explaining accidents: (contest between 2 teams ) + mini role play

4. Artistic perfmance:

-          Ms. Cat Tuong : Until you

-          Mr. Strong + The Instruct : a small role play

-          The whole club: Cry on my shoulders

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